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Serving the Willamette Valley for over 14 years, Sharon Davis has the experience and knowledge to navigate the real estate market and offer a wide array of services to her clients. Whether you're a first-time home buyer, a long-time investor or somewhere in between, she can help! Backed by a network of lenders, inspectors, contractors, escrow contacts, and the power of the Cadwell Realty Group, she is with you every step of the way. 


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What people are saying...

"From the moment we met she drove us to Eugene and Corvallis where we were looking to buy our very first house, at ages 66. She listened to what we came with as to expectations and showed us what she thought would be
appropriate. From that she finally showed us a new build which we found to be absolutely perfect and proceeded with this....Sharon has been very warm, matter of fact and attempted to show us all that the area offered that we might be interested in. She seemed knowledgeable and had a high degree in confidence when recommending builders and appliance retailers etc. in the area."

-Susan MacKenzie, May 2020

"Sharon was very knowledgeable about the market, how to handle the entire process. She also has the ability to "sense" what a customer wants, like their style, tastes, all within the budget! I got a new friend in working with her. Very personable!"

"She is awesome, nothing to change...I would highly recommend her."

-Cindie Matthewson, October 2019

"She did all the hard stuff so we could just worry about finding what we wanted. She took care of probably a lot more things than I realize. It was a very smooth process from our side."

-Debbie Olson, July 2018

"Easy to talk with, no judgement and very helpful. Knew the areas from Salem to Lebanon."

-Sharon Allen, May 2019

"Sharon keeps her sense of humor close at hand to help ease the stress of the home buying experience. She also
looks out for the needs of her clients exceptionally well."

-James Kephart, January 2020

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